PhmCAT completion status by practice

Last updated: 4/30 3:45pm PDT

Congratulations to all EPT Practices for completing their Year 1 PhmCATs ahead of the April 30th 11:59pm PDT deadline! Please click here to find your PhmCAT completion status by practice.

As a reminder, each practice must submit a minimum of 3 PhmCAT surveys by the deadline to meet this milestone.


What is the PhmCAT?

The population health management capabilities assessment tool (PhmCAT) is designed to support primary care practices to identify strengths and opportunities for improving their population health management capabilities. The PhmCAT was created by a diverse stakeholder group of providers, administrators, health plans and experts in the field. The majority of the questions in the PhmCAT are from publicly available tools that are commonly used and/or have been validated to measure concepts associated with high quality primary care practice.

The 50-question assessment is designed to be taken by a multidisciplinary team across a primary care practice. It assesses eight domains that are critical for effective population health management:

How do I complete the PhmCAT?

Confirm Who Should Take the PhmCAT

  • Determine who at your organization should take this assessment in order to get the most meaningful results.
  • Organizations need a minimum of 3 individuals to complete the PhmCAT, although we recommend between 3-8 individuals.  Examples of important roles to take the assessment include:
    • Provider
    • Clinic front-line (MA or Nurse)
    • Administrative/office manager
    • Executive Sponsor (e.g., CEO, COO)
    • Clinical lead (e.g., CMO, CNO, medical director)
    • Finance lead (e.g., CFO, accounting manager)
    • Data & technology lead (e.g., CIO, IT director, etc.)
    • Quality lead (e.g., quality manager/director)
    • Other

Share the Link

  • Either forward this page link or instruct those to take the PhmCAT at (please note that the assessment is password-protected) 
  • This link will remain active, and the PhmCAT can be taken until the submission deadline, 11:59PM (PST) April 30th

Take the Assessment

  • Most of the 50 questions in the assessment are on a 1-10 scale, with 1 meaning not in place, and 10 meaning consistently present
  • If you don’t have enough information to answer a question, please use the “don’t know” response option
  • You are not graded on your scores, so answer as honestly as possible!
  •  If at any point you’d like to pause this assessment and continue it later, please click the save for later button at the bottom of each page. This will provide you with a unique form link and send you an email with the link to your draft (Please check your spam if you do not receive an email from with a link.)
If you already took the PhmCAT in 2023

If your practice completed the PhmCAT in the fall of 2023 as part of the application or planning for EPT or as part of the PHMI cohort, you can submit these same responses for the May 1st due date. Before you do so, please review the responses for accuracy, make updates as appropriate, and then enter the responses into the survey tool. For the May 1st submission, at least three people from your practice need to complete the PhmCAT independently. If previously the PhmCAT was only completed by a single individual, please review and submit this response. ADDITIONALLY, the practice will need to submit two more PhmCAT assessments from the roles listed above.

Review Your Assessment

  • In early May, all those who completed the PhmCAT will receive a report of responses for their practice

Get Started

To review a PDF copy of the PhmCAT, click here.